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January 28, 2013

ECG – JWS Marginal Seats Poll

The Federal Coalition is on track to win the next federal election based on an exclusive ECG Advisory Solutions poll commissioned across Australia’s most marginal seats. […]
September 20, 2011

AFR Rear Window – “Not all about one side of the street”

It emerged yesterday that former federal treasurer Peter Costello has backed a new lobbying business started by two of his former staffers, David Gazard and Jonathan […]
September 19, 2011

AFR Rear Window – “It’s party time in Costello county”

Former treasurer Peter Costello capped what has been a busy time for him lately by throwing a party for the opening of the new Melbourne office […]
September 18, 2011

AFR – “Investor Costello backs lobbyists”

Peter Costello may be a key investor in a newly minted lobbying firm, he may even offer some advice to the arm-twisters on its staff, but […]
September 17, 2011

Still money to be made in political peddling

Political donations may be on the nose (at least in NSW), but don’t be fooled: influence peddling is alive and well. Recent coalition victories in NSW […]